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If shawls could throw their weight around!

Even today, the mantle is the only unstitched garment that can cover an entire body. From head to foot. And keep it warm. From the popular to the distinctly sophisticated, wraps have never gone out of fashion. Since the reign of the mighty Emperor Asoka.

Shawls in India come in many guises. From the thicker cotton drapes of Bengal embroidered in kantha to the tie and dye cloaks of Rajasthan and Gujarat. From the woolen wraps edged in paisely and embellished in the traditional Jamewar designs in Kashmir to the rich and colorful Phulkari chudders of the Punjab. Shawls have always been a part of Indian life and culture.

The Empress Mumtaz Mahal, it is said, had brocade wrappings embroidered specially for her that took over a decade to get readied. Mahatma Gandhi, on seeing a poor, ill-clad beggar, gave him his only angavastram.

Tales of indulgence and valor. But enough to throw light on the mystery of the wrap. And its sheer magic and weight.

The Pasari range of Throws and Shawls are made from India's finest wool, solids andejacquards, some of them exquisitely hand embroidered. To make every item special.