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If curtains could tell!

The veil in the Orient just about covers to advantage. And reveals the seductiveness of kohl-rimmed eyes. The longings in a hidden face The unspoken tales that transform what is ordinary into what is absolutely magical. In India, a concealment across a window or a door can be heavy or absolutely sheer.

From behind the protection of curtains, through the ages, lovers have espied each other. They have exchanged glances filled with longings. They have passed messages. And they have felt the passion of lips upon hungry lips behind their protection.

A curtain can transform dull walls and duller windows to a scented Shangri-la. Just the touch of bamboo slats or lambrequins or heavy drapes can change the look of a room. Scalloped or plain. Suspended stiffly or floating in the breeze. A portiere has never failed to display its unending variety.

Behind closed curtains empires have tumbled. And dynasties have been created. Old enemies have been bruised. And new love has taken wings.

Certainly, the painted veil is a ploy for sheer seduction!

The Pasari range of draps are made of high quality silks. In bright colors and elegant finishes. Woven on looms that are unrelenting on quality. To give every home a distinctive advantage.