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If cushions could speak!

As bolsters, they have enticed men to relax and smoke their aromatic hookahs. Letting dancing girls jingle bells tied to their feet. Allowing courtesans to sing bewitching ghazals and love songs. Making the most of wine by their side brimming in silver goblets.

As throws, they have enhanced dull furniture. In different shapes and sizes. Where the poetry of rich sardosi has mingled with prints or other varieties of fine embroidery. To allow the ambience to blossom. Either in an understated whisper or in the sheer laughter of vibrancy and bold colors.

Cushions have a language of their every own. Of comfort. Of distinct breeding. Of various shapes and sizes. And secrets hidden in their folds.

The sheer impress of a head. The trace of perfume. The assault of memories. Wherever cushions are placed, they waft back the luxury of what is often unspoken. Their communication is silently imparted to those who appreciate the subdue nuances of individuality.

Come to the panorama of cushions with on holds barred. And see what they are capable of doing to your home!

The Pasari range of cushions are specially crafted in Varanasi for individual luxury. In a range of vibrant silks. With Kashmiri cruel embroidery from Srinagar. To give your style a touch of paradise.