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The range of clothes in India is staggering. Look at the flowing robes of the wondering tribes. Or the colorful dresses of women in the Thar desert. The enchantment of the sari is well known. As well as its sheer indulgence.

All over the country, apparel has prime convenience.

Much of Indian clothing has hints of embroidery. The work on swirling skirts worn by the tribal folk in Bhuj is dazzling. So is the subtle needlecraft of Lucknow.

Stud it with mirrors. Embellish it with shells. Edge it with tassel. Soak it with desire. Indian apparel is distinct and variegated. It has inspired some of the best fashion gurus of the West. Converted high-flying designers into humble devotees. And spread its wings to fly all over the world.

More and more, Indian clothes are being taken seriously. For their variety. Their perfect value as cocktail and evening party-wear that has Western comfort adorned with Eastern glamour and panache.

You only learn to show it off to your advantage.

The Pasari range of Apparels includes textile for evening and cocktail wear in silks that come from Bangalore, Benaras , Bhagalpur and Kolkata. Some of the garments are specially hand embroidered to make heads turn.